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          • (BBC)19:00 March 11Malaysias military believes it tracked missing plane on radar to Strait of Malacca, military source says.
          • In addition, multilateral mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific region also offer a platform for the two militaries to conduct favorable interaction, such as the China-US defense dialogue in Jakarta, which serves to deepen practical cooperation in non-traditional security, resolve pressing international issues, and seeks practical ways to maintain regional peace and stability and efficiently control risks.
          • Commanders from the two navies must discuss and decide how to communicate or relay information via radio, he said.
          • NASA said Russian flight controllers were reviewing data to work out why the third thruster burn did not occur as planned.
          • Innovation is ranked first among Chinas five new development concepts, followed by coordination, green development, opening up and sharing.
          • We are not always remembered,Max Baucus, US ambassador to China, will also observe the military parade as President Obamas special representative.
          • The law stipulates the use of the army, which would be allowed to use rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear gas grenades or net guns, according to the text posted on Parliaments website.
          • Students in Liaocheng city, Shandong province, offer gum to smokers in exchange for their cigarettes on May 29, 2013, two days before World No Tobacco Day.
          • Safeguarding national sovereignty and security on the internet ranks first among the six strategic goals of Chinas participation in international cyberspace cooperation.
          • Both he and I believe that we need to make joint efforts to advance China-US cooperation, Xi said.
          • Wal-Mart will continue seeking steady growth and quality development in China, it said.
          • A forest fire that broke out on Sunday morning in Baoding, Hebei province, has largely been brought under control and no casualties have been reported, an official with the city government said on Monday.
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